PR-PD3 颗粒检测系统提供出色的通量、可靠的光学系统和减少误检测的功能。这些功能被集成在一个紧凑的系统中,旨在尽可能地降低成本。高达 0.5μm 的检测灵敏度使 PR-PD3 功能得以最大化。

事业部: 半导体
产品分类: 计量学
制造商: HORIBA, Ltd.
  • 紧凑设计
  • 低维护和运营成本
  • 减少误检测的有效功能


Specification Value


Inspection object

Particles on reticle/mask with or without pellicle


Laser scattering method

Inspection time

Approx. 7 min/2 surfaces (5 inch reticle), Approx. 7 min from inspection start (switch ON) to test result display for two surface (5 inchs) inspection

* High throughput model specific to the glass/pellicle (approx. 4 min. for two surface inspection) is also available.

Detectable particle size

Pattern surface: 0.5 µm, Glass surface: 5.0 µm, Pellicle surface: 10.0 µm (* PSL equivalent)

Reticle size

5, 6 or 7 inch (Please specify when ordering.)

Reticle cassette (Please specify when ordering)

Applicable to the HORIBA standard cassette for 5, 6, 7 inches as well as stepper cases unique to individual maker for 5, 6 inches. (Single size of reticle and cassette handling is the standard. Contact us as to the multiple cassette handling system.)

Inspection result

Data mapping display on the FPD


Approx. 900 (W) x 1350 (D) x 1590 (H) mm
Approx. 35.4 (W) x 53.1 (D) x 62.6 (H) in
(Dimensions will vary depending on the reticle cassette specifications.)



Installation site

Clean room or clean booth, class 100 or better


23 ±1°C


100 to 230 V AC, 7.5 to 5 A, 50/60 Hz, single phase

Vacuum source

Pressure difference 8.0 x 104 Pa or more, 50 L/min


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