Reticle/Mask Particle Detection System PR-PD2


PR-PD2 颗粒检测系统可实现 0.35μm 以下的微粒检测,并配备多级分类设备和全套通信功能。从基础光罩和掩膜到玻璃和薄膜,所有表面都可以进行高通量测量。

事业部: 半导体
产品分类: 计量学
制造商: HORIBA, Ltd.
  • 可检测低至 0.35µm 的颗粒
  • 多级分类设备
  • DMS 易操作
  • 提供表面颗粒的俯视图和仰视图


Polarized laser scattering method

Inspection object

Reticle/mask with or without pellicle



Light source

Argon laser 488 nm, 10 mW

Reticle/mask size

5" x 5", 6" x 6", 2.3 to 6.3 mm thickness (maximum 1/4")
Option: 3" x 5", 7" x 7", Ø7-1/4 with holder, 230 mm


Thickness: 0.865 to 2.85 µm (±0.2 µm)

Frame height:
Glass surface (upper): 2.5 to 4.0 mm
Pattern surface (lower): 2.5 to 6.3 mm
Frame size: Differs depend on reticle case.

Detectable particle size

Pattern surface: 0.35 µm or larger
Glass surface: 5 µm or larger
Pellicle surface: 10 µm or larger
(PSL equivalent diameter)


Standard mode: More than 90% of 0.35 µm particles.
5-inspection integrated mode: More than 93% of 0.35 µm particles.

Particle level setting

Pattern surface: 0.25 to 10 (3 steps)
Glass surface: 1.5 to 30.0 (3 steps)
Pellicle surface: 4 to 99 (3 steps)

Inspection time

Approx. 7 min from inspection start (switch ON) to map display for two-surface inspection.
Approx. 1 min from inspection end (End switch ON) to unload.
(Area: 100 5 100 mm/High through mode)

Inspection area

Shape: Square, rectangle, circle

  5" x 5": 10 x 10 to 105 x 110 mm or  Ø10 to Ø105 mm
  6" x 6": 10 x 10 to 127 x 139 mm or  Ø10 to Ø127 mm
  7" x 7": 10 x 10 to 160 x 160 mm or  Ø10 to Ø160 mm (Option)
Actual inspection area differs with reticle support stage and pellicle size. (7", 230 mm Option)

Inspection result

LCD display:
Map: Results for the entire inspection area, and results of magnifying the main map with X-Y coordinates for particle positions.

Particle observation

LCD screen observed from top and bottom side.
Magnification: 220 x, 440 x, 1100 x (bottom side) 440 x fixed (top side)
Illumination: Bright/dark-field illumination, combined with top light.

Standard function

Automatic review (skip) function, Coordinate origin setting/rotation compensation function, Inspection center function, Map display insert/delete function, Bar code ready (Hard ware option)

Optional functions

Pellicle only inspection, Mask blank inspection, Inspection of additional substrate size, 2 way data communication (GEM or SECS2)


1710 (W) x 1540 (H) x 1400* (D) mm
67.3 (W) x 60.6 (H) x 55.1* (D) in.
*Maximum width including a status lamp and a duct.


Approx. 1000kg/2222 lbs



Installation site

Clean bench: Class 10 or better
Temperature: 23±1°C


200/210/220/240 V AC ±10 V (Customer specified), single phase 4k VA, 50/60 Hz

Vacuum source

Pressure difference: 8.0 x 104 Pa or more 50 L/min.


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