Particle Characterization in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Webinar Summary

The pharmaceutical industry has long been motivated to discover, monitor, and control the physical properties of APIs and excipients. Included among these properties are particle size and shape for slurries and powders, zeta potential for slurries, and surface area for powders. Process control and product performance can be strongly influenced by these properties thus creating a need for state of the art measurement technologies. In this presentation we will cover relevant particle characterization techniques, applications, and regulatory issues in the pharmaceutical industry.

Topics covered include:

  • Why particle size is important
  • USP and FDA considerations
  • Modern techniques for particle size, shape, and zeta potential
  • Applications including solid dosage forms, aerosols and nanoparticles

Original broadcast: October 5, 2009
Archive Code: AP002
Speaker: Mark Bumiller
Title: Vice President of Particle Technology
Company: HORIBA Instruments, Inc.

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