Particle Size and Shape Measurement of Glass Beads

Webinar Summary

This presentation focuses on using dynamic image analysis to measure the size and shape of glass beads. Specifically, glass beads which are embedded in paint (striping) used to mark roads and highways. Light from vehicle headlights is reflected back to the driver's eyes by the glass beads thus affecting road safety. The amount of reflected light coming back to the driver is determined by the glass bead size and shape. The CAMSIZER digital image analyzer may be used very effectively to simultaneously measure multiple size and shape parameters.

Arturo Perez, researcher from the Texas Department of Transportation, will present his real life experiences measuring glass beads.

Topics covered include:

  • Why it is important to measure the size and shape of glass beads
  • Techniques including sieves and image analysis
  • Methodology when using image analysis

Original broadcast: January 27, 2010
Archive Code: AP007
Speaker: Arturo Perez
Title: Researcher
Company: Texas Department of Transportation

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