Particle Size and Zeta Potential for Biotech and Nanotech Applications

Webinar Summary

Dynamic Light Scattering is a useful and popular technique to characterize nano-scale particles and macromolecules. In combination with Acoustic Spectroscopy Zeta Potential analysis, DLS provides a powerful solution for determining stability and function. We will discuss the techniques of DLS and Acoustic Zeta Potential as well as investigate and interpret data obtained on the HORIBA LB-550 and DT-300 analyzers.

Topics covered include:

  • Why particle size is important for small particles/macromolecules
  • Why zeta potential is a useful indicator of stability
  • An introduction to DLS and Acoustic Spectroscopy
  • Data interpretation of a typical protein

Original broadcast: December 3, 2009
Archive Code: AP003
Speaker: Torrey DeLuca
Title: Technical Manager
Company: HORIBA Instruments, Inc.

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