“Water”— the source of all life.
It is a vital element to the human lives, industries and natural environments
that support us all.
Yet, to grasp and control many forms of “water” to optimal conditions
is a very difficult task.

To utilize “water” is to create the future.
Looking towards the future, our goal is to pursue with everyone,
the difficulties and joys for “water.”

We will continue to be a team of “water” experts utilizing our analysis technologies
to provide solutions to the challenges people face concerning water and liquids.

“Beyond Water with You”

We are HORIBA Water Experts

Based on a foundation of sensing technology nourished over a period of 70 years,
the HORIBA Group has interacted with “water” through the language of analysis and
measurements. In order to utilize that wealth of experience and knowledge, experts
of water and liquid research, development, design, sales and manufacturing have
gathered at HORIBA Advanced Techno, and from January 2017, began a new
chapter as “HORIBA Water Experts.”