New inertia brake dynamometer: HORIBA GIANT Evo


HORIBA has had more than 90 years of experience in producing inertia brake dynamometers and can look back on a history of continuous improvement. The company is currently launching its latest evolution, the GIANT Evo. GIANT Evo is a significant extension of the tried and tested GIANT product portfolio and is to be the backbone of HORIBA’s portfolio of inertia brake dynamometers in the future. The platform was developed as evolution of HORIBAs inertia brake dynamometers to suit the growing demands and requirements of current and future brake markets. So, the name GIANT Evo comes from evolution. The new brake testing machine covers small and compact cars, medium-sized SUVs and large limousines. All components are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the passenger car mass market segment. The product family will be introduced at the Automotive Testing Expo China 2014 to be held in Shanghai from September 15 to 17. The company decided to celebrate the world premiere in Shanghai, because China is one of the most important markets for the automotive industry.

A modular and robust inertia brake dynamometer

The GIANT Evo features a modular, robust and endurable plug & play design allowing flexible transportation, rapid installation and effortless relocation. Customers can freely choose the GIANT Evo model they desire from four high-class alternatives, each driven by a powerful core module. All types are easy to use and are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and compatible software.

The four versions

GIANT Evo Performance: The GIANT Evo Performance is the most compact inertia dynamometer within the Giant family. It is optimized for basic investigations and performance tests of brake systems such as friction mapping and function and wear tests as well as DTV (Disk Thickness Variation) and residual drag torque tests.

GIANT Evo Universal: The GIANT Evo Universal is an extremely flexible inertia brake dynamometer for performance tests and fundamental NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) analyses of brake systems. Due to the wide range of optional features with which to expand its testing capabilities, the Giant Evo Universal is able to cover the most testing procedures.

GIANT Evo NVH: The GIANT Evo NVH is the largest dynamometer within the GIANT Evo family. It is a full-size NVH inertia brake dynamometer for basic and advanced NVH testing. The GIANT Evo NVH offers a wide range of functions for realistic and fully automatic NVH analyses. The various optional features available for the dynamometer allow it to meet special customer requirements including sophisticated NVH analyses.

GIANT Evo NVH Pure: The GIANT Evo NVH Pure is the squeal rig dynamometer within the GIANT Evo Family. It is an NVH inertia brake dynamometer for basic and advanced NVH testing. The GIANT Evo NVH Pure is designed to fit into a customer-specific test chamber. Testing station and core module can also be mounted in separate rooms of a building.


  • Dynamometer (customised) configured for a dedicated market segment.
  • Very attractive price.
  • State of the art measurement equipment for highest repeatability.
  • Very high comparability among themselves.
  • Compact dynamometer.

Overview of new components

  • New flywheel set optimized for reduced setup time.
  • New DC motor.
  • New high-precision speed measurement.
  • New HMI (human machine interface) for dyno control.
  • New testing chambers with revised safety concept (puncture-proof).
  • New reproducible air flow for precise cooling of the test specimen.
  • New Gantner modules with EtherCAT connections for all measurement hardware allowing extremely rapid data acquisition rates.
  • New compact tailstock with standard interface to all Giant Evo testing stations.
  • New torque flange with direct connection to the Sparc brake controller via a frequency output.