The following list of options shows the variety of additional suppliements to the GIANT series.

Dynamic Airstream Ventilation System

The dynamic airstream ventilation system is used to cool the test specimens and to exhaust the brake dust which is produced during the brake test. Further, it simulates the airstream around the test specimen, when installed in a real car. The dynamic ventilation system is applicable for all inertia brake dynamometers of the GIANT series.

Auxiliary Drive for Static Brake Testing

The auxiliary drive is assembled at the opposite end to the drive and is coupled to the main shaft. Its combination of AC drive and gearbox with high transmission allows a brake torque of up to 5,000 Nm in the speed range of 0 up to 10 rpm.

Environmental Simulation System

Today, many brake test applications are performed with variation of the climatic parameters which mainly include the humidity and temperature of the cooling air of the test specimen. With the environmental simulation system of HORIBA, the GIANT dynamometer is able to provide a temperature range from -20 °C up to 50 °C. The humidity control range starts at 5 % r.h. and lasts up to 90 % r.h. Extended temperature ranges for tests with higher requirements are available up on request. The environmental simulation system is available for all GIANT dynamometers which are equipped with an insulated test chamber.

Sliding Test Chamber

The sliding test chamber replaces the standing test chamber. With this feature, the roof and the two sidewalls of the test station can be moved manually over the machinery housing. Therefore it is much easier to access the test station and it is possible to use the facilities crane to mount and dismount a test specimen.

Water and Dust Spray Systems

These systems allow exposing the test specimen to the same environmental conditions which they are subjected to in reality while installed on the vehicle. The water spray system includes a fog sprayer, a sprinkler, and a reservoir for soap-water mixtures to simulate different types of wet conditions as well as the situation after car washing. The systems for water and dust spraying are available for all dynamometers of the GIANT series, excluding the GIANT 5200.

Acoustic Panel for Testing Station

To achieve a lower sound level inside the test chamber, an optional acoustic panel for the insulated test chamber is available for the GIANT series 6x00 and 8x00. It reduces the maximum sound level inside the test chamber depending on the model. With panel a maximum of 65 dB (A) for GIANT 6x00 series and a maximum of 55 dB (A) for the GIANT 8x00 series is achievable.

NVH Measuring System EventScan Brake

EventScan Brake is a precise and reliable NVH test system which is used in the automotive industry. It has been developed for detecting and analyzing brake noise as well as vibration effects. The system includes a FFT analysis, a NVH real-time recording and a noise validation. With up to six channels and a bandwidth of 20 kHz the system is available for the GIANT 6x00 and GIANT 8x00 series.

Telemetry System

To investigate the temperature distribution within the rotating brake disc a telemetry system with up to eight temperature channels is available. The system is assembled in the HORIBA test flange and has inductive power supply. The system is available for temperature elements type K and Pt100. A sampling rate of maximum 10Hz is possible.

HORIBA Tailstock for Residual Drag Torque Measurement

The HORIBA tailstock with its optimized design allows brake testing both with high torque up to 6,000 Nm and with very low torque up to 300 Nm. Together with SPARC Brake and STARS Brake it offers a maximum of accuracy and resolution. Furthermore, the tailstock is equipped with an universal adaption interface to mount performance as well as basic NVH test assemblies. Due to its compact design it is available for all models of the GIANT series.

Handheld Unit with Touch Display

For a comfortable, intuitive and modern manual control of the GIANT series a handheld unit with touch display is optional available. With the handheld all machine functions, excluding the start of automatic test cycles, are controllable nearby the dynamometer.

Video Camera

For an easy monitoring and recording of the test specimen a video camera for the inside of the test chamber is available. The camera allows test specimen monitoring from the working station of the automation system and even recording of the braking sequences.

Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) Measurement

The Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) measurement allows measuring brake disc thickness during brake testing. This includes measurements during fading and low temperature tests. For these tests up to six capacitive sensors are assembled next to the brake disc. At a speed of 1,000 rpm the sampling rate of 1,000 Hz allows in total 60 samples per turn every 6°. The DTV measurement is available for all dynamometers of the GIANT series.

Further Available Options

Insulated test chamber, clamping angle, air springs instead of GERB elements, additional pyrometer, HORIBA Brake Fluid Fill – HBFF, torque measurement flange, brake fluid displacement measurement, customer specific test specimen adaptation, brake application suites, training for STARS Brake, customer specific layout .