Model Scale 6 Component External Wind Tunnel Balance


The HORIBA Wind Tunnel Balance system can also be used for other test objects such as aircraft models, ship models, motor bikes and others.










  • Use in research and development
  • Vehicle model measurement
  • Ship model measurement
  • Building model measurement
  • Further measuring objects
  • Direct measurement of all forces and moments without lever systems
  • Modular system with a variety of options


  • Yaw angle adjustment via precision bearing. Adjustment is with the use of a controlled servo motor equipped with angle encoder.
  • Angle of attack adjustment via central strut. Adjustment is with the use of a servo motor equipped with angle encoder.
  • Balance calibration for additional reference points
  • Special measuring ranges for individual customer requirements
  • Foundation spacer for adjustment of balance to local situation
  • Moveable and height-adjustable foundation spacer for removal of balance from test section
  • Ethernet interface to host computer
  • Impact pressure acquisition
  • Special requests and solutions