CSR Policy

HORIBA Group CSR Policy Promoting CSR through operations–Based on its commitments to energy, human health, the environment and safety, HORIBA will pursue corporate initiatives to contribute to the realization of “a life of content for all.”

CSR Promotion System

The concept behind HORIBA’s CSR initiative is to fulfill our CSR through our business operations. Moreover, our stakeholders now expect more from us. We contribute to society in order to fulfill the role expected of us as a corporate citizen. It is important that HORIBA’s significant awareness of, and initiatives to support CSR become well known by our stakeholders through our actions.

The HORIBA Group formed the HORIBA CSR Promotion Committee in April 2005; it is currently engaged in CSR initiatives with the full-fledged support of the Group companies.
This committee meets every six months, bringing together the directors in charge of CSR at HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.; HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.; and HORIBA Techno Service Co, Ltd. under the chairmanship of Juichi Saito, Executive Vice Chairman & Group COO of HORIBA, Ltd. They determine the CSR policies and priority challenges for all Group companies. The members of this committee deliberate the details and approve issues in this committee, and seek to reflect the results of the meeting in their workplaces through their respective CSR Promotion Committees.
The member companies convene their committees every three months and prepare reports on the results of detailed surveys of specific initiatives targeting issues determined by the HORIBA CSR Promotion Committee. Reports are also prepared for social initiatives such as those focused on education, the environment, and local community.

•HORIBA CSR Promotion System