Environmental Delivering Classes

Based on HORIBA's wish to show children how interesting and important the science of measurement is, in 1994 the company started a program in which it enlisted employees to give talks at schools and events. HORIBA employees demonstrate scientific truths using ordinary objects and materials from daily life and show students how plants and animals use their sensory capabilities, with the thought that some of these students may go on later in life to work with analytic technology. In 2016, we held 42 seminars, for a total of 1,601 participants.


Exchange with Tokyo University of Science: Joint Production of “Measurement Notebooks”

Since 2011, HORIBA has worked with students from the School of Management at Tokyo University of Science in order to carry out the Cultural Interface (CI) Project, which aims to achieve exchanges and collaboration between businesses and universities.
Based on an idea the students put forward as a 2014 project theme, “Measurement Notebooks” were realized as a joint production program between HORIBA and the University’s students.
"Measurement Notebooks" consist of teaching materials that enable children in the upper grades of elementary school to measure many things around them and to record the results of such measurement according to the textbook's nine themes.
We hope that this project will enable children to learn the importance and joy of measurement through real-life experience as well as to help them refine their sensitivity and arouse their curiosity.

“Engineering Design Exercises” at the National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College

Since 2011, HORIBA has worked with the National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College, to hold classes known as “engineering design exercises” for the Institute’s students each year. These exercises are organized jointly with the College as part of its program to effectively harness corporate engineers. In this program, which aims to provide practical education by businesses, students learn all processes from product development to shipment in a series of eight classes. We hope that they will take an interest in manufacturing through the lectures and practical exercises and come to play active roles as engineers in the future.

Support for “The Toy Contest in KYOTO”

Since 2006, based on a wish to further stimulate children’s interest in manufacturing, HORIBA has annually supported “The Toy Contest in KYOTO” sponsored by the Kyoto City board of education, where children attempt to create the best moving toys to win the grand prize. In this contest, which aims to cultivate children's creativity, initiative, and sociability, fourth- to sixth-grade elementary school students enter with moving toys that they have made themselves (toys designed after race cars) and compete with one another in terms of speed, distance, motion, design, and so on. Among other supporting companies, which grant awards, HORIBA offers the HORIBA, Ltd. Award, which recognizes excellent design, an indispensable element of manufacturing.