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HORIBA Stained Glass Project

The HORIBA Stained Glass Project was launched in January 2014, to provide a focal point for continuing efforts toward becoming a more vibrant, stronger organization where our people respect each other's abilities and individuality.

Project Mission

We establish a strong HORIBA by allowing various personalities and talents to shine for creating new values on an ongoing basis.

Endorsing the Declaration on Action “Male Leaders General Meeting to Promote an Active Role of Women”

December 26, 2015

On December 26, 2015, Atsushi Horiba, Chairman, President & CEO (now, Chairman & Group CEO) of HORIBA, Ltd., endorsed the Declaration on Action by “A Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in which Women Shine” that is supported by the Cabinet Office's Gender Equality Bureau.

In order to make continuous efforts to create a strong organization where employees respect each other’s abilities and individuality as well as play more active roles, HORIBA launched the HORIBA Stained Glass Project in January 2014. Focusing on “encouraging female employees to play more active roles” in the first year and “reforming work styles” in the second, we hosted workshops, seminars, and other events under various themes. Over the two years, a total of 2,230 employees participated in these events. Through this project, HORIBA is making the importance of promoting diversity fully known to all personnel and promoting changes at all workplaces. In the future, under its motto “Joy and Fun,” HORIBA will strive to create a strong company in which all employees play active roles by encouraging them to recognize each other’s backgrounds as well as strengths and weaknesses and by making the most of the diversity of its personnel.

Male Leaders General Meeting to Promote an Active Role of Women

The kick-off meeting for supporting women in shining, held on March 28, 2014, has prompted the national spread of movements by leaders in various circles to support women in shining or aspiring to shine. Against this backdrop, male corporate leaders who are supporting women in playing active roles held the General Meeting to Promote an Active Role of Women.

For more information on the Declaration on Action by the Male Leaders General Meeting to Promote an Active Role of Women, visit the website of the Cabinet Office's Gender Equality Bureau at http://www.gender.go.jp/english_contents/mge/declaration/index.html.