Since 2000, through HORIBA Techno Service Co., Ltd., a company HORIBA established by making its service unit independent, HORIBA has provided consumables and periodic maintenance parts in addition to offering maintenance, repair, and periodic maintenance services by visiting customers who have purchased HORIBA products. Because needs for outsourcing analytic data measurement and increasing the efficiency of such measurement have continued to grow in recent years, since 2015 we have been preparing to make undertaking data analysis service for customers one of our major businesses.

In the past, HORIBA’s head office in Kyoto and the Application Center in Tokyo long undertook data analysis service for the customers, but these organizations and functions were recently consolidated into HORIBA Techno Service. In 2016, HORIBA has renamed the former Application Center as the “Analysis Technology Center,” thereby establishing a system that enables the Group to swiftly respond to diverse customer requests.

In addition to demonstrating HORIBA’s products for analysis service for the customers and system selection, the Center's personnel meet visitors' requests with their high level of knowledge and skills. These engineers have expertise in the latest technology obtained through joint research with academic societies, universities, and leading private research institutes. In addition, they have developed quantification technology that provides the basis for testing and calibration based on ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. They will also meet market needs in the environmental measurement and certification business by achieving accurate measurement results through use of their reliable analytical skills and high-level expertise in analytical chemistry.

In the future, the HORIBA Group will continue to increase our products' market share and acquire HORIBA fans by bringing our strengths together to provide the optimal services for local markets as well as by offering secure, trustworthy support to customers.