Automatic operation with one switch

Compact Oil Content Analyzer new OCMA-500 series  focuses  on enhanced operability and useful functions  enabling  anyone  to handle with no hassle. Offering two models, OCMA-500 series is utilized for various purposes including wastewater monitoring, environmental conservation, and quality control.

OCMA-500 series features;

  • Allows measurement of any oil with low boiling point (NDIR method)
  • Easy and Speedy measurement
  • Color graphic display with multi-language (English/Russian/Japanese)
  • USB data output port
  • Unit conversion function (mg/L, mg/kg, mg/g, mg/PC)


≫ Product details

to measure concentrations of oil contained in drainage and environmental water.

  • No pretreatment needed
  • 20% less solvent consumption
  • Dual measurement mode


≫ Product details

to measure oil concentrations that adheres on solids such as components and soil.

  • Suitable for extracted samples
  • Smooth and simple operation
  • Timer function

Various Applications


  • Factory wastewater (industrial waste, steel, petrochemical, and food)
  • Sewage treatment plant discharge water
  • Bilge and ballast discharge of marine transportation (tankers)
  • Petroleum processing plant discharge water and checking the efficiency of oil/water separation processes

Environmental conservation

  • Surveying environmental water quality in conformity with environmental standards
  • Monitoring water quality around gas service stations and automobile repair shops
  • Monitoring the discharge water produced when cleaning storage tanks at petroleum terminals
  • Surveying oil diffusion in the case of tanker accidents and accidents at petrochemical plants
  • Oil content in soil for industrial site

Quality control

  • Residual oil in wastewater from cleaning metal parts
  • Oil components in cleaning fluids for metal parts
  • Oil cleaning efficiency in semiconductor and plated metal bonding processes
  • Oil content in foodstuffs

Relevant Items

S-316 Solvent

S-316 Solvent

This solvent is used to extract the oil components from oily water samples, soil samples, or product surfaces.

SR-305 Solvent Reclaimer

SR-305 Solvent Reclaimer

This optional unit, designed especially for reclaiming HORIBA’s S-316 solvent, features a double column of activated carbon and activated aluminum.