Day 1: Materials/Nano Materials/Environmental

  • Opening-Ramdane Benferhat
  • Rare Earth Upconversion Nanomaterials and Their Applications - Chunhua YAN
  • Novel optical phenomena in nano-carbon and atomically thin two-dimensional materials -Kazunari MATSUDA
  • Photo-luminescent colloidal semiconductor quantum dots - Kui YU
  • Supramolecular Fluorescent Sensing: Basics and Applications - Yunbao JIANG
  • The Application of Fluorescence Spectra in Aquatic Environmental Sciences - Fengchang WU
  • Photochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter - Michael GONSIOR
  • Group Photo
  • Poster Session
  • Gala Dinner

Day 2: Life Science

  • Luminescent Metal-Based Materials-From Discrete Molecules To Supramolecular Assembly and Functions - Vivian Wing-Wah YAM
  • Optical Property and Analytical Applications of Carbon Dots - Chengzhi HUANG
  • Live-cell fluorescence imaging of bone cells - Stephen SIMS
  • Monitoring Membrane Receptor Dynamics in Living Cells by Single-Molecule Fluorescence Imaging - Xiaohong FANG
  • Fluorescent gold nanoprobes: new opportunities in biomedical imaging and sensing - Yu CHEN
  • Using fluorescence for nanoparticle metrology with 0.1 nm resolution - David BIRCH
  • Poster Session