HORIBA Life Science Solutions

Proteins are involved in many critical roles in the body:

Enzymes — allow chemical reactions to go faster

Antibodies — aid the immune system to fight disease

Fibrinogens — form blood clots to stop bleeding

Chemotaxis — are proteins that transport molecules from one location to another

Collagen — maintains structure and supports cells and organs

Myosin and Actin — present mainly in muscle tissue to facilitate physical movement

Biomarkers — found in biological fluids, help in drug target identification, drug response, and allow for early detection of various diseases.

Characterization of antibodies is a requirement for the discovery and production of antibody-based drugs. While proteins hold great promise for therapy, their complex and unstable nature makes them challenging to control during processing, manufacturing and commercialization. In order to assist you in characterizing the many complex facets of proteins, HORIBA Scientific offers a wide range of analytical tools that improve your decision-making skills during the drug development process.

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