Protein stability

Label-free, nondestructive characterization of proteins with sub-micron spatial resolution. Raman is being used for both protein secondary and tertiary structure analysis, as well as monitoring agglomeration and characterization of particle contamination in line with USP 766 and 788.

Solutions of lysozyme under conditions known to affect its physical state were measured using a cuvette liquid cell in order to investigate the potential of Raman spectroscopy as a non-invasive and label-free tool to assess protein formulations’ stability (see attached app note for more info).

Results from this study identified specific Raman signature bands in this sample that can be used to highlight individual amino acid residues whose spectra respond to structural changes in proteins.

Protein aggregation

Protein aggregation can be quantified by monitoring particle size distribution with several tools, including the Viewsizer 3000 and SZ-100. Aggregation can be readily quantified, even for aggregates significantly larger than the individual protein molecules. The Viewsizer 3000 analyzes numerous individual particles with sizes from 10 nm to 2 microns, permitting unprecedented resolution of size distribution, particle counting, and particle visualization (see attached app note for more info).