Protein detection in complex samples

Multiple candidate molecules (antibodies) can be immobilized in a matrix format onto the sensor chip, and fully characterized in terms of affinity and kinetic rates. Full kinetic profiles are obtained within minutes, allowing you to make fast decisions with your antibody scouting analysis.

The analyte in this study is a protein that is commonly used as an AIDS diagnostic tool, in combination with other immunological tests. Consequently, rapid and high throughput quantification solutions are required in the pharmaceutical research area. The protein of interest can be detected and quantified in different supernatants with only a single injection using the XelPleX system.

Five different supernatant samples, as well as the pure protein for the calibration curve, were spotted directly on a single SPRi chip. The figure above shows the averaged and reference-subtracted response after the injection of the secondary antibody at 100 nM. It mentions also the quantification of the protein from the 5 different supernatants based on the calibration curve.