• Ranking (XelPleX)
  • Detailed binding kinetic data (XelPleXAqualog)
  • Drug activity within complex disease models (XploRA)
  • Intracellular visualization of biomolecules (XploRA)

Monitoring cell media culture conditions

The Aqualog offers fully patented technology combining UV-Vis and fluorescence Excitation- Emission Matrices (EEMs). The system corrects for Inner Filter Effects (IFEs) using a patented design that provides a unique molecular fingerprint

Monitoring cell culture media conditions is highly important for pharma industries in order to improve cell proliferation for applications such as protein synthesis. Various chemical components of the medium have fluorescence characteristics, and thus EEMs measurement is well suited to measure several components simultaneously (see attached app note for more info).

Parallel Factor Analysis (PARAFAC) score of NAD(P)H increased continuously during the cell proliferation. The result shows that the NAD(P)H is a key fluorescence indicator of the culture medium condition and cell proliferation. NAD(P)H is known to correspond to changes in cell environment.