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HORIBA Scientific (Jobin Yvon 光谱技术) 公司的OEM产品:

HORIBA Scientific (Jobin Yvon 光谱技术) 公司引领着商业化全息衍射光栅的生产技术。例如,由

HORIBA Scientific 公司开发的像差校正凹面全息光栅(CACHG),它可以同时起准直,色散,聚焦三种作用。将多元件的光学系统用我们的单片CACHG取代,可使光学仪器兼有简便、紧凑、通光效率高、成像质量好等优点。而且简化了制作,改进了质量长期稳定性。仪器的性能价格比极大地得以提高。


  • 多通道光纤输入CCD摄谱仪允许您使用一个光谱仪种同时监视5-10-20个甚至更多的独立光纤通道。
  • 最小化的串扰,极低的杂散光和高灵敏度的CCD。如果不想采用光纤,可以咨询无光纤束直接线成像OEM-CC-55超光谱成像光谱仪

CP140 Imaging Spectrograph

140mm focal length imaging spectrograph with Syncerity Scientific Camera

Broad variety of concave imaging gratings
Compatible with our high end Syncerity Camera with 6.7 mm tall CCD
TE Cooled to -60°C

Broad variety of concave imaging gratings Compatible with our high end Syncerity Camera with 6.7 mm tall CCD TE Cooled to -60°C UV Configuration for 8 Channels (fiber inputs) :200 to >400nm The 1024 x 256 Scientific CCD chip is a full frame CCD and therefore will require Shuttering during readout.

CP 140

The CP-140 Imaging Spectrograph offers the OEM customer a sturdy, low-cost, f/2, modular instrument, with unsurpassed spatial resolution and ultra low stray light. High-efficiency, ion-etched, holographic gratings make the CP-140 the perfect spectrograph for use with multiple fiber inputs, linear arrays, and CCD type detectors. Selected gratings cover specific spectral regions from 190 nm to 2500 nm.

Click here for specifications on the CP140

CC-55 Imaging Spectrometer

CC-55 Imaging Multichannel Spectrometer - Simultaneous acquisition 10-26 Fiber Inputs (with diameters in the range of 100-400 mic) Interline CCD, may allow a shutter-free set-up (Call us) Line imaging on tall Sony ICX285AL CCD.

The CC-55 CCD Imaging Spectrometer features a Type-I grating (equidistant and parallel grooves) and a very low noise Interline Front illuminated CCD with 1360 x 1024 pixels. The readout noise is below 8e-. The CCD can be binned 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 or can allow Regions of Interest, such as: 20 rows(ROI) of interest and 21 rows(ROI) of separation areas. The spectrograph, when connected to fiber input channels, will collect all light at F/2.3, and depending on the selected slit width, the spectral resolution will be in the 2.5 to 7 nm range. The spectral coverage over a 5.5 mm detector length, is typically 380nm to 760nm, but adjustments to extend the range, up or down, can be made. Cross-talk is minimized (in the 0.2 to 0.5% range depending on number of fibers and their size) and stray light is very low. Multiple fiber inputs with 100 mic diameter allow you to monitor 20 channels simultaneously, without the use of a shutter, or without having to turn-off the light sources, during readout. The speed in such configuration can reach 10Hz (30-40Hz alo achievable). If Sequential acquisition is acceptable, the CC-55 is capable of up to 32 channels with large fibers (600 mic)!! Dark Current: 1.2 electron / pixel / second (when CCD temperature is stabilized at 20°C).

  • Maximum Full Well: ≈18,000 electrons max, ≈21,600 electrons max when binning.
  • Dynamic Range: 2000:1 typical (un-binned mode).
  • Intensity resolution: 16 bit.

VS20 Imaging Spectrograph

4 Choices of 20 mm Focal Length gratings F/2.7 - Ultra compact - Ultra low stray light Aberration corrected Type IV concave gratings

The 3 available spectral ranges with a CCD (or linear PDA) are: 200-750nm; 380-760nm; 550-1015nm

An imaging configuration of the UV-VIS (190-550nm)version resulted in >5 channels being separated.

Spectral Resolution: 6 to 10nm

Click here for more information.


Ultra compact InGaAs NIR Mini Spectrometer. NIR configuration covers 850-1700nm 2-Stage TE cooling

The VS2000-IINGAAS NIR miniature fiber spectrometer features a 256 pixel linear array mounted on our F/2.7 CP20 shortest focal length OEM spectrometer.

It covers 850-1700nm and includes a 2-stage TE Peltier cooler and USB 2.0 electronics. With a 50 mic pitch on the InGaAs array, the spectral resolution is in the range of 10 to 11nm.

(*) Fans are included in some of the above versions when the CCD is TE-Cooled.


  • 高容量的OEM光谱仪:OEM-CP140OEM-VS140 (CCD6mm的高度上存在5-6个通道) or "OEM-CC-55 (8-20个或更多的通道)。
  • 科研级成像光谱仪: iHR320 (焦距320mm) 和iHR550 (焦距550mm) 可实现多达20个以上光纤输入的多通道实验。
140mm focal length imaging spectrograph