Send us your specifications for a CUSTOM Raman Complete System

If none of our published specifications meet your requirements and you have a high volume OEM application, you may send us your specifications. This below specifies the required information for each part of a Raman system:

  1. OEM Miniature CCD Detector with USB-2 Electronics and SDK

  2. Front Illuminated, Open-Poly or Back-Thinned CCDs (low etaloning) at VERY affordable prices. Excellent linearity, reproducibility and high signal to noise. We get the best performance out of a CCD chip.


    • Uncooled for cost reduction and compactness. Low dark current such as Sony 511B
    • TE-stabilized for use in environment with temperature extremes
    • TE-cooled for long exposure time requirements
    • Signal to noise target, exposure time range target...
    • Number of pixels

  3. OEM Miniature Laser – wavelength stabilized for Raman

  4. Interested in a volume quotation for just the laser, contact us, and specify:

    • Wavelength
    • Power at fiber optic output or without fiber
    • Fiber coupling (FC by default / Other: SMA, free space)
    • Line bandwidth
    • Power stability for quantitative measurements and noise specifications
    • Stability in wavelength versus temperature changes
    • Operating temperature range and storage temperature
    • Size requirement and driver electronics power requirement

  5.  OEM Raman Filters

  6. Bandpass filters: 532nm, 647nm, 660nm, 785nm and any wavelength in between (Our offers are limited to requests in OEM volume)

    Longpass (or notch) Filters: 532nm, 647nm, 660nm, 785nm and any wavelength in between (Our offers are limited to requests in OEM volume)


    • Laser center wavelength
    • Angle of incidence for both the Bandpass and the Longpass filters
    • How close to the laser line you wish to monitor Raman (210cm-1, 400cm-1, more or less)
    • Optionally specify what blocking (OD) you need at the intersection of the bandpass and longpass filters
    • If you only wish to purchase components, specify diameter (Minimum quantities apply)

  7. OEM Sampling Optics

  8. Specify:

    • Probe size requirements
    • Spot size on sample: 100, 150, 250 micron diameter...
    • Minimum and maximum laser power at the sample within the above spot diameter
    • Working distance
    • Fiber optic requirements

Other OEM Raman System Specifications:

  • Cost and volume targets
  • Wish date for a prototype made to your specification
  • Interest in evaluating a system that is not exactly made to your specs
  • Size target, shape factors
  • Weight target
  • System temperature and humidity requirements
  • Will the components be integrated in your housing?
  • What regulations, certifications are to be considered during the design phase

CONTACT US: Simply email us your laser power requirement, spectrometer range and resolution requirements, spot size requirement on the sample, working distance, fiber or direct optics requirement, target size, volume and cost at: . If possible specify all technical requirements as listed in this page. Ask for a rental or a prototype quotation.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon, the leader in Raman spectroscopy, now makes available its valuable experience to OEM customers in compact and cost reduced Raman components or in full mini systems that you can just label under your company name.