Raman Microscope

Raman microscope - The Raman microscope is by far one of the best instrumentation enhancements one can make. The new generation of Raman microscope can offer a powerful non-destructive and non-contact method of sample analysis.

First introduced by HORIBA Scientific in the mid 1970s, the micro Raman system can open up a whole new dimension of spectroscopic analysis. They are now far easier to operate, and laser adjustment and alignment are virtually eradicated. It becomes a simple operation to use the micro Raman instrument with even computer control of laser switching and grating selection now possible.

One of the greatest benefits is the use of a true CONFOCAL Raman microscope design. This enables a very small sample area or volume to be analysed – down to the micron scale. Combine this micro Raman analysis with automated focusing, XYZ movement, and it becomes possible to produce ‘chemical’ images of a sample.

Localisation, distribution, phase and other such properties can be imaged as never before. It has become a most powerful technique.

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Raman images

Raman Images

The Raman microscopes from HORIBA Scientific have true confocal mapping performance. The Raman images produced are of the highest definition and resolution. The sophisticated software and hardware enables fast and accurate Raman images to be obtained routinely.

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