The XploRA: 精巧型全自动显微拉曼光谱仪


  • XYZ自动平台
  • 光学显微镜-暗场、相差、微分干涉(DIC
  • 反射/透射照明
  • /热台
  • 批量筛分系统
  • 拉曼偏振附件
  • 大样品附件
  • 液体样品附件
  • 远程测量光纤探头
  • 化学计量软件包

Raman Spectrometer:

  • Up to three laser wavelengths with automated switching
  • Up to four gratings on automated turret
  • High sensitivity CCD detector
  • Confocal optics for full XYZ spatial resolution
  • Polarisors for lasers and Raman

Optical Microscope:

  • Research grade optical microscope with upright or inverted geometry
  • Reflected/transmitted light illumination
  • All standard light microscopy functions including dark field, phase contrast, DIC…
  • Colour video camera for sample visualisation and image capture
  • Automated video montaging for large area optical visualisation
  • Long working distance (LWD) objectives


  • Dedicated LabSpec+ software for full instrument set up, data acquisition and analysis functionality.


  • High precision XYZ motorised sample stages for Raman mapped imaging and confocal depth profiling
  • Wide range of environment stages (including, heating, cooling, pressure and humidity)
  • Multiwell plate for high-throughput screening
  • Macro measurement accessory
  • Cuvette holder for simple liquid measurements
  • Fiber-coupled probes for remote analysis
  • Chemometric package for spectral imaging