EasyNavTM: Easy Navigation Package for Optimal Raman Imaging

The new EasyNavTM package makes it easy to navigate through your image and acquire sharp Raman images in the blink of an eye, thanks to three new revolutionary applications: NavMapTM, NavSharpTM and ViewSharpTM.


With the groundbreaking EasyNavTM package, it is fast and easy to navigate in-focus, in real-time, to identify the region of interest and obtain sharp, clear Raman chemical images.
EasyNavTM has been tested and validated on a large variety of samples.

HORIBA NavMapTM+ NavSharpTM+ ViewSharpTM apps can be used together or separately to deliver a powerful user experience for all Raman users.

  • Navigate easily through your image with NavMapTM
  • Navigate your sharp image in real-time with NavSharpTM
  • Construct a 3D topography and acquire rapid, in-focus Raman images of the analyzed sample with ViewSharpTM

The EasyNavTM package technology is protected by a pending patent.

EasyNavTM Package: Main Features

EasyNav Features

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EasyNav Product Note

The EasyNavTM package includes three new applications, NavMapTM, NavSharpTM, and ViewSharpTM allowing easy navigation and sharp Raman images in the blink of an eye.