VTM 300 - Vacuum Toroidal Monograph 300

Vacuum Toroidal Monograph 300

The HORIBA Jobin Yvon VTM 300 system gives you a unique opportunity to enhance your spectroscopic capability to the Vacuum Ultra Violet region. The system combines the HORIBA Jobin Yvon expertise in the following areas:

  • Spectroscopy system development

  • Vacuum design

  • Toroidal Aberration Corrected Gratings

The VTM offers unique performance in the UV and VUV wavelength range. Equipped with an aberration corrected holographic toroidal grating (1200 g/mm) the VTM 300 allows monochromator or spectrograph operation with the same grating. Thanks to this toroidal grating the VTM 300 presents a unique throughput at 100 nm and below.

Unique Features in UV and VUV Wavelength Range

  • Toroidal Aberration Corrected Grating
  • High Throughput

  • Interchangeable Kinematic Grating Mounts

  • Focal Length 300 mm

  • Deviation 70 deg

  • Spectral Wavelength Range 60-300 nm

  • Spectral Resolution <4 Angstrom

  • High Repeatability

  • Monochromator and/or Spectrograph

  • Bi-dimensional Detection Adapter

  • 25 mm Flat Field

  • Removable Entrance and Exit Slit

  • High Vacuum Compatible (10-6 mbar)

  • Adjustable or Fixed Entrance and Exit Slits

  • Aperture: f/7.5

  • Stepping Motor Drive

Spectral Performance

Repeatability test with 253.6 nm Hg line
Helium Line 58.4 nm
Mercury Line 194.2 nm
Helium Full Range Scan
Hydrogen Line 121.6 nm
Mercury Line 253.6 nm