Custom monochromators

For more than 35 years HORIBA Scientific has been acquiring a large experience in custom systems to closely answer to specific requests from scientific research community. Relying on our double expertise in optical and mechanical design, we are your best partner to offer custom solutions that will closely answer to the requirements of your particular application.

NI-GI monochromator: 6 gratings
HEXOS Spectrometers

Some examples of custom monochromators/spectrographs:

  • NI-GI monochromator for PTB-Berlin: consists in a 6 gratings monochromator working in normal and grazing incidence to cover a very large spectrum (from 5 nm to 400 nm)
  • HEXOS Spectrometers for W7-X: consists in 2 double spectrometers (4 gratings) pointing the same point in a tokamak and covering a spectral range from 2.5 nm to 16 0nm in one shot.