Integrated Software for Data Acquisition and Analysis

Sample Handling

Quickly proceed from a view of the entire sample to the selection of the analysis potision.

Intuitive "click and move" images from low magnification and high magnification cameras within the sample chamber, allow the analysis position or mapping area to be defined withing seconds.

Acquisition Functions

  • Single Point
  • Grid Analysis
  • Line Analysis
  • Multi-Point Analysis

    • User Selected
    • Coordinate File

  • Import with Positional Referencing [option]
  • Hyperspectral Mapped Imaging

Mapping Analysis

  • Element image display
    Element images to be displayed can be selected during and after acquisition. Images can aslo be generated from user defined spectral windows.

  • RGB Composite Image Generation
    Overlay elemental images to allow easy comparison of element distribution


    Spectrum Generation
    Generate the average spectrum from a user defined region within an image.



    Line Analysis
    Display multiple element intensity profiles across a defined region of an image.




    Data Export
    Element images can be exported in data or image formats. The entire hyperspectral datacube can be exported in RAW format.

Spectrum Analysis

  • Peak auto-ID

  • Quantitative modes


    • FPM
    • FPM + Single Standard
    • Calibration

  • Spectrum overlay and compare
  • Multi-layer thickness
  • Spectrum matching