How to Create X-Ray Micro-Beams

In a micro-XRF spectrometer it is necessary to generate an intense, narrow X-Ray beam. There are two main methods to do this which are summarized below, and will be discussed in more detail in the following pages.

Collimators (aperture)

The X-Rays from the generator are passed through a small aperture usually in the range of a few millimeters down to a few hundreds of micrometers in diameter.

X-Ray optics

In 1984 a Russian scientist, Muradin Kumakhov, proposed that smooth solid surfaces could be used to form, control, and guide X-Ray beams, by virtue of total external reflection. This led to the development of a range of X-Ray optics, which can be used to form parallel and focused beams, and transfer X-Ray beams with high efficiency.

X-Ray Micro-Beams