Analytical technologies are advancing rapidly, and it can be difficult to acquire the technology and know-how required to maintain and operate analytical instruments at optimal effectiveness. To help the many users of its products, HORIBA Application Center provides analytical technology information, consultations, seminars, and actual analysis, all at your request. HORIBA's experienced consultant engineers stand ready to solve your analytical problems.

HORIBA's Application Center exhibits and demonstrates its main analyzers in the R & D and quality control departments of many companies around the world. It also has demonstration rooms located in Tokyo, Nagoya, and the head office in Kyoto, and these employ some 20 analytical engineers. These demonstration rooms receive samples for analysis as consigned analytical work from potential customers both within Japan and without. The number of such consigned analysis cases exceeds 3,000 or more per year.

The product catalog alone is not sufficient for the potential customer to decide whether an XGT analyzer should be purchased or not. Thus, by performing demonstrative analyses on samples from potential customers, HORIBA's Application Center provides information on the operability, ease of maintenance, accuracy, degree of reproducibility, and other handling factors relating to analyzers. So our Application Center now plays an important role in the company's preparations to market its chemical and engineering equipment.

Besides accepting such requested analyses before selling analyzers, HORIBA undertakes charged analyses, charged workshops, and charged seminars, and our analysis technology is highly appreciated. Moreover, HORIBA provides consultation for it customers with regard to analysis technology, troubleshooting on products made by its subsidiaries and affiliates, and in-house inspection support services, thus providing quick and accurate assistance.