• Reference: ICP USA
  • Location: Piscataway, NJ USA
  • Dates:

    • June 19th - 22th
    • August 14th - 17th
    • September 25th -28th
    • November 6th - 9th

  • Who should attend: Users of HORIBA Scientific ICP-OES spectrometers
  • Duration: 4 days

We have also planned for customized and specialty training which will be focused on special features of HORIBA ICP-OES instruments. Special training also can be customized based on your specific needs or applications, either online or as traditional training in our demo lab in New Jersey, upon request.

We are always able to offer dedicated on-site training for specific applications, or a group of operators. The on-site training will thus be done on your samples, using your own instrument. We also offer analytical assistance exclusively to our customers.

Our team of scientists, worldwide, are able to assist you with your analytical and application challenges, and act as your scientific consultant.

  • A theoretical and practical knowledge on ICP-OES spectrometers
  • Learn how to use the software (latest version used in the laboratory)
  • Learn methodology for method development and major analytical parameters
  • Know how to set up an analytical strategy with an unknown sample
  • Interpret results
  • Follow the performance of the ICP-OES spectrometer over time

Day 1


  • Theory of ICP-OES
  • Principle and Instrumentation
  • Method development strategy
  • Wavelength selection
  • Optimization of parameters
  • Spectral interferences
  • Analytical performances

Day 2

Practical: Method Creation and Optimization

  • Method creation
  • Optimization of gas flow
  • Optimization of sheath gas
  • Optimization of integration time

Day 3

Practical: Method Creation and Optimization

  • Method development
  • Wavelength selection
  • Semi-quantitative analysis
  • Slit selection.

Day 4

Practical: Analytical Performance

  • Background position
  • Detection limit calculation
  • Spectral interferences
  • Matrix effect