An Introduction to Theory and Application Overview for Acoustic and Electroacoustic Spectroscopy

Webinar Summary

There are many benefits to using acoustics to characterize suspensions including the ability to measure without dilution and being able to measure particle size and zeta potential simultaneously. The DT-series instruments offer a detailed window into your material performance. The ability to observe the relationship between particle size, zeta potential, pH, temperature, salinity, viscosity, micro-rheology, and more is both unique in the particle characterization market and invaluable to R&D work. This presentation will describe the theory and application of this powerful technique.

Topics covered include:

  • Acoustic theory
  • Zeta potential
  • Dispersion stability
  • Applications

Original broadcast: February 11, 2010
Archive Code: TE003
Speaker: Mark Bumiller
Title: Vice President of Particle Technology
Company: HORIBA Instruments, Inc.

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