[PI (Pressure Insensitive) Performance]New module to simplify gas lines

Some semiconductor tools, cluster tools, have multiple chambers each with their own gas panel. Typically a single gas supply feeds these multiple panels. As a result the same gas line feeds multiple MFC concurrently opening the door to MFC cross talk. Cross talk is the interaction of the multiple MFC and their single supply regulator. The gas delivery pressure from a gas regulator is affected by the flow demand from the MFCs. When one MFC turns on or turns off the flow demand to the single supply regulator changes causing the delivery pressure to all MFCs to spike or droop. The flow measuring section in a conventional MFC is affected by these supply pressure fluctuations, indicating false flows that do not represent the flow out of the MFC and insome cases can cause system faults in addition to flow errors.
The design of CRITERIONTM places its measuring section downstream of its piezoelectric control valve, buffering it from the supply pressure fluctuations and eliminating MFC cross talk. In addition, CRITERIONTM incorporates its own supply pressure sensor which can be read locally on its cover and
remotely via digital communications. As a result, the old stand-alone pressure transducers common on conventional gas sticks can be eliminated.
CRITERIONTM module enables an intelligent, light-weight, high-performance gas panel, ideal for the next generation processes.