Fluorescence Spectroscopy


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After exciting a sample, a Fluorometer allow us to obtain and measure various attributes of that sample’s fluorescence, including its intensity, spectral wavelengths and lifetime. The fluorescence of a sample can be an indirect probe of the sample's environment, describing the solvent-solute interactions, inter- and intramolecular interactions, and so on. Fluorescence can be used for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples.

Analytical measurements provided by Fluorometers are used in multiple applications including chemistry, biochemistry, medical research, pharmaceuticals, food science, environmental studies and nanotechnology. Fluorescence instruments have been used to examine counterfeit banknotes, materials for optoelectronics, and growth of coral in marine environments.

Our Fluorometers can accommodate any size work-area, and are available as compact or benchtop models, or as large modular systems, to suit your requirements. In addition, our Fluorometers can be coupled to become modular Fluorometer systems, or supercontinuum white-light laser-powered lifetime Fluorometers!

HORIBA’s Fluorometers offer incredibly fast lifetime determinations down to picoseconds, deep UV absorbance and fluorescence excitation from as short as 200 nm in the UV, all the way to near-IR wavelengths of 1000 nm.

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