Helium (He) or Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cryostat options

Photoluminescence (or PL) and Raman are spectroscopy techniques providing information on optical and electrical properties of semiconductors and many nano-materials.

HORIBA Scientific Photoluminescence and Raman systems are able to accomodate fairly large cryostats system for measurements at low temperature, using liduid nitrogen (LN2) or liquid Helium (He) cryostats.

Picture: Top: He cryostat diagram. Left: LabRAM HR fitted with CCD, InGaAs array and extended InGaAs detectors and a Helium cryostat.

HORIBA Scientific mapping systems such as the LabRAM HR are used to work with these temperature cells, which, coupled with a mapping stage, allow for imaging of small features within the cell.

Raman and Photoluminescence Mapping systems from HORIBA Scientific are used for research or production environments.