PL Mapping and Imaging system LabRAM HR Evolution PL

Photoluminescence (or PL) is a spectroscopy technique providing information on electrical and optical properties of semiconductor materials, such as bandgap, emission wavelength, crystallinity and crystal structure, defects etc...

A PL Mapper is a laser based instrument used to generate maps of several parameters over full wafers by measuring optical luminescence emission from materials excited with energy above their bandgap.

HORIBA Scientific PL mapping systems are used in production environment to provide key information on epitaxy layer crystal quality, composition and homogeneity.

Photoluminescence Mapping systems from HORIBA Scientific are also used for research oriented tasks such as getting photoluminescence images of devices, or nano-materials, and can also be used in other configurations such as Raman spectroscopy.

All systems are capable of measuring photoluminescence and Raman spectra from deep UV (~200nm) to infrared (up to several microns) using multiple detectors.