QPrep is more than just a fancy syringe pump that is used to manually dispense reagent and just an autosampler that works with a separate syringe pump assembly. QPrep provides methodology-driven capability from a PC to handle precise reagent delivery for large number of samples in multiple racks


  • Spikes sample with internal standards
  • Performs multiple dilutions
  • Prepares calibration and QC standards
  • Prepares auto sampler racks
  • Adds reagents consistently

Vyrobeno Questron Technologies Corp


Offers . . .

  • 0.01 ml accuracy in handling reagents
  • Choice of different capacity syringes from 5 ml to 25 ml
  • 0.5 to 2 ml/sec reagent flow rate for peristaltic pump
  • Can introduce samples pulse-free to ICP, AA, AFS, etc.
  • Capable of handling HF solutions
  • Teflon®-coated rigid graphite probe for accuracy of vial access and ease of cleaning
  • Accepts multiple types and sizes of racks at the same time
  • Unique combined action of syringe pump and peristaltic pump delivers unmatched flexibility and sample throughput
  • Driven by user-specified methodology through integrated PC software
  • All-plastic construction for corrosion- and contamination- free operations

Configuration . . .

  • Accommodates 6 standard autosampler racks
  • Option of a customised rack to hold QC standards
  • Easily configurable to accommodate wide selection of racks
  • Option of HEPA filter enclosure
  • Option of mobile stand to support QPrep, PC and reagent bottles