Label-free Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

using Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging

HORIBA Scientific innovative SPRi (Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging) solutions provide a flexible platform which allows designing a complete experiment. The platform consists of biochips, surface chemistry, spotting system, autosampler, SPRi detection system and dedicated software packages.

Label-free molecular interaction analysis

Biochip-based label-free interaction analysis

Surface Plasmon Resonance is an established tool in the life-science sectors. It offers a new generation of label-free biomolecular analysis, providing information on kinetic processes (association and dissociation), binding affinity, analyte concentration and real-time molecule detection.

A large variety of bio-interactions can be monitored, such as antibody/antigen, peptide/antibody, DNA/DNA, antibody/bacteria etc.

High-throughput surface plasmon resonance

Multiplex surface plasmon resonance

Spot up to several hundreds of different molecules on the biochip to take advantage of the multiplexing capabilities for the rapid screening (>100 sensorgrams in parallel) of molecules.

The reactivity of many different species (ligands) submitted to the same environment can be compared with only one sample injection.

Optimization studies for biomolecular interaction analysis (immobilization concentration, pH…) are faster – Saving you time and consumables.

Molecular interactions from crude samples

Molecular interactions from crude samples

A simple fluidic system makes it possible to analyze complex samples such as serum or cell lysates for diagnostic research or drug screening.

Our versatile biosensor can meet the demands of any kind of experimental design.