Our eco-friendly practice

Environmental performance, strategic improvement axis of HORIBA Medical

Improving the environmental performance is a core challenge for HORIBA Medical.

Actions undertaken in that respect in the last few years, witness to this fact and are already giving positive results. For instance HORIBA Medical headquarters in Montpellier, France has reduced its electricity consumption by 12% in four years, mainly as a result of building improvements and awareness of employees.

Electricity consumption of HORIBA Medical Montpellier site Year 2017-2021

Examples of improvements include the utilisation of LED lamps, installation of presence detectors for lighting, automatic shutdown or reduction of heating and air conditioning at night.

As far as paper usage is concerned, it was reduced by 2/3 in 6 years; documents dematerialisation (work instructions, payslips etc.) print network sharing and implementation of the MES, manufacturing follow-up software (Manufacturing Executive System) are representative of the main evolutions contributing to this progress.

Paper consumption of HORIBA Medical Montpellier site year 2014-2021

HORIBA Medical headquarters in Montpellier, France has had an Environmental Practice Organization Committee (COPE) since 2017. COPE brings together volunteer employees from all of the company’s major departments to facilitate the implementation of actions in favor of the environment, in direct liaison with management. With the support of HORIBA Group management, COPE’s has taken the needs and expectations of all employees into account; to propose a direction for environmental actions; to ensure employees take ownership of the approach; and finally, to implement effective communication.

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