Pentra C400

HORIBA Medical Clinical Chemistry Analysis Pentra C400

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

From routine to specific tests, perform them all on a single system 

  • 55 on-board assays
  • Innovative cassette format
  • Integrated work station and validation station
  • Touch screen
  • Real-time viewing of your workflow


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Segment: Medical
Oddělení: Veterinary
Výrobní společnost: HORIBA ABX SAS

General Description

  • Analysis Method Types:
    • Spectrophotometry: Colorimetry and Turbidimetry
    • Potentiometry: Direct (Serum or Plasma) and Indirect (Urine)
  • Up to 55 assays on board
  • Optional ISE Module (Na+, K+, Cl-)
  • Maximum Throughput: 420 test/h
  • CE Marked


Sample Handling

  • Sample Capacity: 6 racks with 10 sample positions for primary tubes or cups
  • Continuous loading
  • Positive Sample Identification: Integrated Barcode Reader and Tube Presence Detector
  • Sample Integrity:Level, Shock and Clot Detection
  • Sample Collection Format: 0.7, 4, 5, 7 and 10 mL (diameter: 16mm)
  • Sample Specimen: Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF, Whole Blood, Homogeneous Fluids
  • Sample Volume: 2 to 380 µL
  • Automatic Sample Dilution: from 1/2 to 1/22,500
  • ISE: 20 µL (Indirect) or 60 µL (Direct)
  • Automatic Post Concentration: from x2.0 to x 10.0
  • Automatic Re-run


Calibrator/Control Handling

  • Calibrator/Controls Positioning on Sample or Reagent Tray
  • Automatic Standard Dilution Series:
    • Dilution Factors: Main Direct 1/2 - 1/150
    • Dilution Factors: Main Indirect 1/2 - 1/1508


Reagent Handling

  • 52 Reagent positions on board:
    • 44 in a closed refrigerated area (2-10°C)
    • 8 at room temperature
  • Positive Reagent Identification:Integrated Barcode Reader
  • Reagent Probe : Level Detection and Preheating
  • Reagent Management with Cassettes: Automated Reagent On-board Stability Check plus Test Countdown with automatic back-up
  • Reagent Volume: from 2 to 600 µL


Reaction System

  • Reaction Volume: 150 to 600 µL
  • Reaction Temperature: Air bath at 37°C
  • Photometer Reaction Cycle:12 seconds
  • Mixing with Teflon-coated Stirrer
  • Reaction Time:  1 to 100 cycles
  • Disposable Acrylic Cuvettes
  • Automatic Cuvette Changer
  • Cuvette Capacity:  36 segments (432 cuvettes)
  • 7 Integrated Calculation Algorithms


System Size101 x 71 x 63cm (W x L x H)
System Weight120 kg
External Cooling Unit Size29 x 42 x 40cm (W x L x H)
External Cooling Unit Weight35 kg
Sound level< 60 dBa
Operating temperaturefrom 15 to 32°C
Operating Humidityfrom 20 to 85%
Total Power Requirements (with Printer)1000 VA
WaterDe-ionized/Distilled Water - 10L Tank
Water specifications
  • Resistivity > 5 MegOhms
  • Conductivity < 0.2 µS/cm


Computer & Software

Operating systemWindows 10
Data processing
  • 12 inch Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Database Capacity: 100,000 results
  • Processor: 600 MHz
  • RC 232C: Patient results, QC to LIS with ASTM protocol
Integrated Validation Station
Quality Control ManagementLevey Jennings, Automatic QC, Default controls and Westgard rules
  • Reagents, Quality Control, Calibrations
  • Applications, Maintenance, Sequencing, Flags and Alarms
Export of archived data and Quality Control data (QCP)USB key
Audible alarms 
Interactive HelpHTML Format


Optical System

Tungsten-halogen Lamp
Measurement Principle
  • Bi-chromatic light absorbance
  • Choice of 15 wavelengths from 340 to 700 nm
  • Wavelength selection with holographic grating technology
SensorPhoto diode array
Optical Linearity2.5 A. at 340mm; 3.0 at other wavelengths

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