With new legislation on the way, the topic of real driving emissions (RDE) is becoming more and more important. Accurate testing is essential to ensure internal combustion engines meet global emission and modern performance standards under various altitudes during real driving conditions. Until now, altitude chambers have been used for this testing, but cost, flexibility, accuracy, and energy consumption have always been a concern. We have the solution.

A unique tool, designed specifically to address these concerns, has just become available from HORIBA called MEDAS. This solution meets all of today’s market demands. It is extremely dynamic, highly accurate, and offers simulation options for Road-to-Rig and test cell level verification for RDE-related topics. MEDAS can be utilized for engine intake and exhaust pressure, as well as temperature conditioning for engine and powertrain cells. It is also useful for chassis dynamometer applications covering steady state and dynamic engine operation conditions.

MEDAS - Höhensimulator

HORIBA MEDAS ist ein Höhensimulator, der allen heutigen Anforderungen des Marktes gerecht wird. Es ist extrem dynamisch, hochgenau und bietet Simulationsmöglichkeiten für den Straßen-Prüfstand-Vergleich, Testzellen Verifikation...