Span Gas Manager


The Span Gas Manager provides the possibility to maintain the concentrations of span gases centrally in a database. In laboratories with several test cells equipped with a number of MEXA gas analyzers, this application updates the concentrations of the analyzers automatically before a calibration. In this way, laboratories save time and effort required for the manual span gas configuration at each of the used analyzers.


SPAN GAS MANAGER in interaction with test automation systems (TAS) and MEXAs of several test cells

The database stores detailed span gas information of each analyzer

  • Connection Point
  • Gas Composition
  • Bottle ID
  • Manufacturer
  • Unit
  • Measurement Range (min/max)
  • Concentration

When a calibration is triggered via the test automation system (TAS) or at the analyzer itself, the latest span gas concentrations are loaded from the central database to the analyzers before the calibration starts.

Technical Realization

  • Database Personal Computer with additionally installed .exe file for request-for-update function of the MEXA
  • ORACLE SW-Database
  • MCU extension function (.exe file) on each MEXA

Hergestellt von HORIBA


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