Analytical Operation Section Earns ISO/IEC Guide 25

26. Juni 2001

Our Analytical Operation Section, conducting contract analytical operations for customers and users through the use of our analytical/measuring instruments, has been accredited as a testing laboratory in compliance with the ISO/IEC Guide 25 for providing international accreditation for test results. The accredited field is analysis regarding carbon, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen contained in steel. We are the first analytical instrument manufacturer worldwide to earn this accreditation. Using this achievement as momentum, we will continue to increase global confidence in our brand and lay foundations for further expansion in the global market.

Since its establishment in 1982, the Analytical Operation Section (a.k.a. Application Center) of HORIBA, Ltd. has conducted contract analytical operations and exhibitions of analytical instruments for use in R&D and quality control fields. Accredited analysis regarding carbon, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen has been performed since the opening of the laboratory of our Application Center, as a component analysis process used for controlling quality of materials such as steel and other metals. By analyzing components of carbon and oxygen contained in a steel sample, characteristics of the steel material can be obtained. These characteristics include the strength of train rails and the characteristics of material used in automobile bodies, which are useful when the body material is thinly cut.

The Application Center of HORIBA, Ltd. places special emphasis on providing users with not only excellent products, as an analytical instrument manufacturer, but also with reliable analytical results obtained through many excellent products. The earning of this accreditation ensures the great precision and reliability, in compliance with international standards, of analytical results at the Application Center in the accredited scope, i.e., analysis of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen of steel. This is to say, such analytical results are now certified not just nationally but also globally.

In coming years, we aim to meet other international standards in other fields while sharing know-how obtained thorough the above accreditation with R&D and manufacturing sectors. With the earning of the accreditation to provide momentum, we will increase global customer confidence and lay foundations for our further expansion in the global market.


Organization Name: Application Center of HORIBA, Ltd.
Category of Organization: Testing Laboratory
Accredited Analysis Regarding: Analysis of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen contained in steel
Accreditation body: The Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (Foundation)
Date of Accreditation: June 26, 2001