Horiba Begins Comprehensive Activities in the Engine Experimental System Field

31. Oktober 2001

Horiba has agreed to enter into capital participation in Schenck Ricardo Systems Ltd., a British joint venture company established in February 2001 by German Schenck Pegasus GmbH and British Ricardo plc for new product development. Through this involvement, Horiba aims to strengthen collaboration in the field of experimental systems for engine development. Accordingly, the joint venture will change its name to SRH Systems Limited as of November 1. At its base in Britain, the new company will develop measurement and automation systems for the most advanced engine R&D. Besides enhancing their competence in the field of experimental systems for engine development by structuring a global network, the three companies will also work to cooperatively conduct more effective business in their major business areas.

Horiba expects to have a successful complemental relationship in the field of experimental systems for engine R&D, through collaborations with the two companies. The main strength of German Schenck Pegasus GmbH is its R&D systems for engine and powertrains, and British Ricardo plc has expertise in the development of engines, transmissions, and automotive electronics. Horiba’s primary field is the measurement of engine gas emissions.

Recent engine development requires the establishment of high performance and the lowering of environmental burdens worldwide. In order to meet such demands, a series of research and development activities has been conducted for engines fully equipped with electronics and gas emission purification catalysts. Efficient data collection and the automation of experiments are now vital for faster development. The goal of the development system, which is the primary purpose of the new joint venture, is to provide products that meet the needs arising on the front line of development. Furthermore, the three companies will build a strong and close relationship on a medium-/long-term basis, with this system development project as their base, and other projects planned according to the needs of each member company.

Horiba will strive to fortify its base as a comprehensive system maker for the gas emission field. In the field of gas emission experiments of completed vehicles, the company has already formed a collaboration with German MAHA Masschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG. for the development of chassis dynamometers. Through its involvement in the joint venture, Horiba will further reinforce its lineup for gas emission measurement, covering areas from engine emissions to those of complete vehicles.


<The outline of each company>
●Schenck Ricardo Systems Ltd
Foundation ) February, 2001
Address ) Unit 16 Lowesmoor Wharf, Worcester, WR1 2RS, UK

●Schenck Pegasus GmbH
Foundation ) 1993
Address ) Landwehrstrasse 55, D-64293 Darmstadt, Germany

● Ricardo plc
Foundation ) 1915
Address ) Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5FG, UK