HORIBA Develops Small-Size Electrode Type Blood Glucose meter “ANTSENSE III”

11. Mai 2004

HORIBA, Ltd. has developed ANTSENSE III, a small-size electrode-type blood glucose meter for measuring the glucose content of blood, a measurement required in the diagnosis of diabetes and other illnesses as well as in performing surgical operations and in dialysis.

HORIBA was entrusted with the production of the small-size electrode-type blood glucose meter ANTSENSE II by Sankyo Co., Ltd. in 2000, and it actually acquired the business from Sankyo on March 31 of this year. Leveraging on the experience and production technologies it has accumulated as an original equipment manufacturer, HORIBA developed this new model ANTSENSE III, the first blood glucose meter to be marketed under the Horiba brand, in response to the needs of medical practitioners. ANTSENSE III is a portable meter that can be easily carried by doctors or nurses to where measurements need to be taken. It is capable of producing within 50 seconds accurate readings equivalent to those produced by large equipment often installed in examination rooms. Since HORIBA’s full-scale entry into the field of medical diagnostic instruments in 1987, the company has been developing blood cell counters and biochemical diagnostic equipment as its core products, in cooperation with its French affiliate ABX S.A. By launching this new small-size electrode-type blood glucose meter under its own brand, HORIBA aims to establish blood glucose meter as the second pillar of its medical diagnostic business.

・Main Specifications
Measurement item: Blood glucose
Measurement system: Enzyme electrode method
Measurement sample: Whole blood
(venous blood, arterial blood, and peripheral blood)
Measurement time: Within 50 seconds
Measurement range: 10-1000 mg/dL
Dimensions (mm): 200 x 180 x 65
Mass (g): 800