HORIBA, Ltd. and Yokogawa Electric in Particle Analyzer Tie-up

28. Mai 2001

HORIBA, Ltd. and Yokogawa Electric Corporation (HQ: Musashino City, Tokyo, CEO: Isao Uchida) have announced that they will enter into a new contract to jointly sell Yokogawa`s particle size distribution analyzers. Under the new contract, HORIBA will take charge of sales and after-sales customer services, while Yokogawa will be in charge of production. In the past, Yokogawa`s particle analyzers have been distributed through each company`s respective distribution channel.

The new alliance between these manufacturers aims at acquiring the top global market share by combining the strengths of the two companies.Since 1994, these analyzers have been distributed primarily in the Japanese market. It was then that Yokogawa, through its control technologies for plant market as well as measurement and analysis expertise, first developed these analyzers for use mainly for particle analysis in the semiconductor industry and toner analysis for copy machines and other equipment. HORIBA, a measuring instrument manufacturer noted for fine particle measurement products such as their particle size distribution analyzer used for quality control in the physical and chemical research fields, signed a joint development contract with Yokogawa in 1998 because of the product`s advantage in being able to more precisely measure elements and particles. HORIBA has been marketing this product mostly overseas.

Previously, the two companies formed an alliance under a system that separated the target markets and regions for each company. Under the new system to be formed by both companies, HORIBA makes the most of its worldwide network in the physical and chemical research fields to take command of all sales and after-sales customer services, while Yokogawa, the manufacturer of this instrument, concentrates on product development and production. As a result, the two companies will create a more closely connected system of alliance and cooperation in order to further develop this product line. The two companies each intend to "separate and concentrate" their resources in order to improve business efficiency and aim for the top market share in the global particle analyzer market.

As a result, HORIBA will now be able to offer customers a wider range of measurement systems by adding this product-which measures the number, composition, and size of particles-to its current fine particle measurement product line (Particle size distribution analyzer LA, LB Series). HORIBA will soon launch the sale of its products mainly in Europe and the United States. Yokogawa, meanwhile, can now begin improving production efficiency and reducing production costs by concentrating resources on product development and production.