HORIBA Releases Two Hazardous Substance Analyzers without Using Liquid Nitrogen

5. August 2004

HORIBA, Ltd. will release two new models of X-ray fluorescence analyzers, the XGT-5100WR for development use and the XGT-1100WR for production line use. These are both exclusively designed to analyze hazardous substances that are restricted in Europe, and come equipped with a detector which cools substances electrically without using liquid nitrogen. These are the first hazardous substance analyzers in the industry to feature a detector using the pulse tube cooling technology. This technology enables the X-ray detector to be cooled down to 200 degrees below freezing or lower, thus achieving cooling temperature and detection sensitivity at least equivalent to those when liquid nitrogen is used. Compared with the existing non-liquid-nitrogen cooling system, the pulse tube cooling system offers 5 to 20 times more sensitive measurement and 10 times faster analysis. With these two models, highly-sensitive, safe, and rapid measurement is possible even in regions where liquid nitrogen is difficult to obtain, and in production sites and overseas plants where handling of liquid nitrogen is difficult.

With the addition of these two models for safe, rapid measurement to its lineup, HORIBA is targeting sales of 3.5 billion yen in this fiscal year (double the previous year) to capture top share in this analyzer market.