Horiba’s Year 2002 Calendar Theme: “Threatened Animals”

7. November 2001

Horiba, Ltd. (headquarters: Kyoto; president: Atsushi Horiba) has determined the theme of its original calendar for 2002 to be “Threatened Animals.” The calendar is distributed to the company’s customers and sales agents.

Since the calendar series has the global environment as its theme every year, the number of loyal fans among the public has spread through word of mouth. Horiba, which deals with environmental products, endeavors to deliver its messages about the preciousness of life, hoping that parents and their children will have opportunities to talk about life and the environment using this calendar at home.

(Horiba’s calendar)
The global environment has been the theme of Horiba’s original calendar series since 1994. The large-size calendar is designed primarily for business use with spaces for each day, and a number of colorful illustrations concerning the environment surrounding the date section.

(The 2002 version)
The theme of this version is “Red Data” animals, with a focus on mammals in danger of extinction. A variety of animals appear, such as the Iriomote cat and some familiar species such as the koala and the panda. There are small, well-known animals like the chipmunk and large creatures such as the blue whale, among others. We hope that our calendar users will understand the value of life through seeing an animal every day at home from among the 365 endangered species portrayed.