Instantaneously Records Temperature and Image “isquare” infrared thermometer

19. April 2002

Horiba Ltd. will release, on May 1, 2-dimensional infrared thermometer, “isquare (ii-1064)”, which can instantaneously checks the temperature distribution of an object to be measured while observing its image on the LCD monitor of the digital camera.It is now possible simultaneously to record both image and temperature data by simply displaying an object on an LCD monitor and pressing the shutter button, just like using an ordinary digital camera. This infrared thermometer, which draws upon a new design concept, brings more efficient and reliable temperature measurement and maintenance control to a variety of industries, including electrical, construction and foods.

-Measuring temperature as easy as using a digital camera-
This instrument displays the object of measurement on an LCD monitor, and simultaneously displays the surface temperature in different colors as a 64-square checkerboard array, while requiring no physical contact with the object being measured. The colored temperature distribution can be seen at a glance on the image, and it coincides with the object being measured, as seen by the naked eye. It is therefore possible immediately to determine on-site which parts of the object being measured differ from the ambient temperature. The instrument is as easy to use as a digital camera. A typical application: aim the instrument at a power distribution board and press the shutter button, an image of the power distribution board together with temperature distribution data is available in half a second.


Main features
1)Surface temperature distribution can be seen at a glance.
The temperature at 64 points is measured in 0.1-degree steps. Measurement takes 0.5 second.
2)The measurement range can be set freely between -50℃ and 1000℃.When the set temperature is exceeded, an alarm sounds.
3)The recorded image and temperature data can be edited on a personal computer without dedicated software.
Data can be stored and accumulated in compact flashcards.
Data can be easily transferred to and from a personal computer.

Standard price ¥398,000

Main specifications
Measurement temperature range: -50℃~1,000℃ (The measurement range can be set freely.)
Mass: Approx. 700 g (Excluding batteries and recording card)
External dimensions: 55 mm ×123 mm ×167 mm (Height, depth and width with the display closed)
Power source: Six LR6 manganese alkaline batteries, or AC adapter
Storage format: Visible image data JPEG file, temperature data CSV file