New Product: HIT-GS On-Board Vehicle Driving Management Device

29. August 2003

On September 9, 2003, HORIBA ITEC Co., Ltd. (President: Goro Iwami; capitalized at 250 million yen), a HORIBA, Ltd. subsidiary that specializes in driving management systems, will launch sales of the HIT-GS, an on-board vehicle driving management device designed both to automatically record the driving history of trucks and commercial vehicles, and to provide spoken advice for safe and fuel-efficient driving.

This device puts information technology to work, using the driver’s spoken input alone to keep track of a day’s driving history and automatically produce a daily report. It can be used simply by plugging it into a cigarette lighter socket. There is no installation or wiring hassle involved. It allows the same sense of ease in its use as a portable car navigation system. This product is a next-generation driving management system that will contribute to safe and fuel-efficient vehicle operation, thanks to the use of voice-guided, GPS-linked functions.

1. The device allows data exchange via a wireless connection between a given vehicle and a personal computer, using information technology to track the vehicle driving history. Three types of wireless cards are available: LAN, PHS, or DoPa (packet transmission).
2. The device provides tips for safe and fuel-efficient driving, with the world’s first voice-activated input function and spoken guidance (at present, in Japanese only) regarding sudden steering, sudden curves, speeding, swerving, sudden acceleration, and sudden deceleration.
3. The device is externally attached, and requires no installation. Simple connection requires merely plugging the unit into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. It can be used with the same ease as a portable car navigation system.

Sales targets:
5,000 units during the first year
10,000 units during the second year

Power supply: DC 12 V to 36 V
Exterior dimensions:
Main unit 175 (w) x 105 (d) x 40 (h) mm
Voice indicator unit 120 (w) x 40 (d) x 36 (h) mm
Mass: approx. 1 kg