President’s New Year’s address

4. Januar 2016

“Pursuit of power and speed” will be the next cooperate competitiveness.
Our slogan is the “spirit of rugby” that Masao Horiba loved.

I sincerely express my highest respect and appreciation for all the efforts and hard work by 7,000 employees around the world who contributed to our record-high performance last year according to the mid- and long-term business plans. Over the past five years, our company has globally and aggressively invested more than 50 billion yen for the future of the company. To maximize these investments, each employee is required to pursue power and speed seriously. I hope that each of you will make a systematic plan and demonstrate your strong leadership to realize steady achievement in a short period of time.

As stated in the “HORIBA Stained Glass Project,” which values diversity, all employees with their diverse abilities are assets to the company. I expect that each of you will find the working style that best enables you to maximize your abilities and help create value through your combined efforts.

Last year, we lost our founder and supreme counsel, Masao Horiba, who provided us with much mental and spiritual support, and we have started our first new year without him. However, by espousing the slogan “One Step Ahead,” conveying the spirit of rugby that Masao Horiba loved so deeply, I encourage all of you to continue to take on challenges.